In here you'll be able to buy a bunny, meaning you'll gain full rights to its design.

Will this bunny be your ● Need a mascot for your Italian restaurant
● Always dreamed of naming something Bunny McBunnyFace
● Need an original character for your rule 34 DeviantArt page
● Are making an indie videogame about rodents for some reason
● Want to invest in something but feel that BitCoin is too risky
● Have some new crayons you’d like to test out
● Are travelling with hand luggage but still need to get someone a gift
● Need to launder your drug money but don’t really get how that works
● Don’t have the time to walk a real pet bunny at least twice per day
● Are writing a book for children but can’t draw for sh*t
● Want to support the creators Wouter (illustrator) and Lex (bunny salesman) in achieving their dreams

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