Bunny #014


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Hey you! Do you see that little logo at the top of the page?

Then you basically know all there is to know about this place. In here you’ll be able to buy a bunny, meaning you’ll gain full rights to its design. Perfect for if you:

  • Need a mascot for your Italian restaurant
  • Always dreamed of naming something Bunny McBunnyFace
  • Need an original character for your rule 34 DeviantArt page
  • Are making an indie videogame about rodents for some reason
  • Want to invest in something but feel that BitCoin is too risky
  • Have some new crayons you’d like to test out
  • Are travelling with hand luggage but still need to get someone a gift
  • Need to launder your drug money but don’t really get how that works
  • Don’t have the time to walk a real pet bunny at least twice per day
  • Are writing a book for children but can’t draw for sh*t
  • Want to support the creators Wouter (illustrator) and Lex (bunny salesman) in achieving their dreams

We’ll be sure to send you a high-resolution version of the drawing, a nice certificate to hang above your bed and digital kisses that smell of carrots.

We’re always curious to see how you use (read: abuse) our bunnies because they feel like family after all, so you’re more than welcome to send us pictures and stories regarding your digital furball!


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